Let’s Get Acquainted….

We would like to get to know you!  Join us for these FREE events at First Christian Reformed Churgetting to know you.ch:

  • Friday Food, Fellowship & Fire—every other Friday, 6-8:00 PM  In the back yard of our Colfax House, 1118 Colfax.  Look for the sign and join us around the fire pit for fun food & conversation.
  • FREE Community Pancake Breakfast—September 7, 9:30-11:00 AM
  • Trunk or Treat—October 31, 6:00-8:00 PM – A special Halloween treat festival for the kids and coffee & donuts for the adults.
  • Connections + - A Beth Moore Women’s Bible Study, Thursday evenings beginning Sept. 18

Summer Worship Series – “The Last Things”

This summer we invite you to participate in a service series with the theme: “The Last Things”. Officially, the area of faith that this series addresses is called “eschatology”, that is, the Bible’s teachings about the “Last Things”.  One may well wonder why such matters are of concern to us, after all, isn’t the future in God’s hands and shouldn’t that be enough for us? Isn’t it enough for us to live our daily lives, after Pentecost, as Spirit-filled believers? Fair enough questions. However, our hope as Spirit-filled Christians is linked in the Bible to the future. Here’s how Hendrickus Berkhof says it: “In short, in the New Testament the future is the unfolding and completion of that which already exists in Christ and the Spirit and will be carried through triumphantly in spite of sin and suffering and death” (Well-Founded Hope, p. 19).

Here’s how Paul puts it in I Corinthians 15, “If for this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all people, most to be pitied”. Hope is the Biblical reward of understanding God’s plans regarding the “Last Things”….and really, who of us has enough hope in our lives? To increase our hope, we offer the following summer themes . We invite you to join us, and prepare yourselves for worship with prayer and consideration of these texts; and, if you cannot be with us, access the message online at our church’s website.  We trust that the Bible’s teaching on these matters of “The Last Things” will inspire us all to greater hope in our Savior.

July 27: I Peter 3:  Theme: When Pondering “Last Things” What Is and Is Not Useful?
By using a simple contrast and compare structure, we will be directed toward ways that consider “Last Things” and what does and does not prove useful for inspiring our hope.

Aug. 3: Rev. 21:1-5 and 22:2-27 (COMMUNION SUNDAY): Theme: The New Creation
Christian hope is not for a return to “the glory days”, but is set on God’s promise to create a new world.

Aug. 10: I Cor. 15:12-28: Theme: The Appearance of the King
Christians proclaim not only that “He is Risen”, but that “He shall return”. This message highlights three results that will follow with our Lord’s Second Advent.

Aug. 17: Matt. 24:1-8 and 36-51: Theme: Signs of the Times:
Endless, and often useless, speculation has gone on regarding the predictability of Christ’s Return. The “Signs of the Times” theme will help us better understand the call to watch and wait for the Lord’s Return.

Aug. 24: Matt 25: 31-46: Theme: The Present and Future Within or Outside God’s Shalom
How do we imagine the unimaginable? Well, generally by reaching for metaphors or using other symbolic language. Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25 helps us understand the faith and moral connections between the present and the future. Ultimately the question is: Are we more sheepish or goatish?