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Lit Candles


As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and be obedient to His will, the Elders are encouraging everyone to participate in “Four Weeks of Prayer”, using the guidelines below:


Four separate prayer guides, one for each week, have been prepared to help focus your prayers.


Remember that prayer is a heartfelt sharing with your Heavenly Father – so turn your heart to God.


  • Pray with the anticipation that God will meet you, hear your prayers, and answer your prayers.


  • Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you pray.


  • Feel free to keep a record of what you bring before the Lord, so you will recognize when you see answers to your prayers.


NOTE: It may be helpful to set aside the same time for prayer every day. Make sure the place is quiet and free from distractions and interruptions.

Published November 28, 2021

Published December 5, 2021

Published December 12, 2021

Published December 19, 2021

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