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FIRST CHURCH is committed to sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ not only to the community around us, but also to all of God's world. We believe we are to support His children everywhere to advance His Kingdom. Here are some of the ministries we are currently supporting:

Walking In Their Shoes (WITS) International (Lee & Carolyn Baas)

WITS provides free and confidential supportive counseling and coaching to overseas Christian missionaries wherever they are working internationally. These include those such as relief workers, short term volunteers, and even tent makers.

Since 1999, Lee and Carolyn Baas have volunteered their service to coordinate this program and provide psychological and spiritual counseling. Seminars and workshops are also provided without any cost to individuals or organizations.

Prayer support and funding for travel and international expense is provided by faithful Christian friends and supporting churches.

Love In Action

Love in Action is an organization that exists to serve area churches in meeting the basic needs of families in our community. When clients come into Love in Action requesting help, they assess their situations and do all that they can to connect them with the appropriate ministries or secular agencies where help is available. Love in Action staff serves on the front line providing case management services and referral so that churches can more effectively channel their benevolent resources. Love in Action hosts and supports many programs and ministries such as the Appliance Ministry (coordinated by First CRC), the Budget Counseling Program, the Laundry Hub, the Furniture Ministry, the Crib Ministry, God’s Guys (handyman services), Homes of Hope (shelter for the homeless), the Bicycle Ministry, and more.

World Renew

Compelled by the deep passion of God for justice and mercy, World Renew joins communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives and restore creation.

Mosaic Counseling

It is the mission of Mosaic Counseling to provide an opportunity for all people in Ottawa County to access professional Christian counseling to meet the spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs of our community.

Mustard Seed School of New Jersey

Shanna Pargellis, a member of our First Church Family, works for the Mustard Seed School as the Early Childhood Director. Mustard Seed School is an independent school in Hoboken, NJ, serving PreK – Eighth Grade students. Walk down the hallways of Mustard Seed and you will see seeds being planted, ideas sprouting, and learning blossoming around you. The school has a progressive curriculum and is known for hands-on, experiential education and a unique integration of strong academics, the arts, faith, and service that teaches the whole child.

Steve and Kim Holtrop — Nehemiah Center, Nicaragua

When the walls in Jerusalem had been broken down, God called Nehemiah to rebuild them. Like Jerusalem’s walls, many of Nicaragua’s physical, social, and spiritual structures have been broken down by natural disasters, civil wars, and government corruption. The Nehemiah Center’s purpose is to rebuild Nicaragua by equipping its present and potential leaders with a biblical worldview—a crucial foundation for the growth of this country and its people. The Nehemiah Center is a community of service and learning which trains lay and pastoral leaders in an integral, biblical worldview and encourages local, national and international collaboration for a Christ-centered, transformational development of communities and nations.

Wycliffe (Lorri Scholten) – Oaxaca, Mexico

Lorri Scholten teaches at a school for the missionary children in Oaxaca, the Mexican state with the most linguistic diversity in that country. Some of the children are from families working in translation with SIL (a sister organization of Wycliffe), while other families are associated with different mission agencies.  Today about 180 million people do not have any Scripture in their language. Wycliffe’s vision is to see the Bible accessible to all people in the language they understand best. To make this vision a reality, Wycliffe also facilitates language development and mother tongue literacy.

Resonate Global Mission

Resonate's vision is to bring the Gospel to people, neighborhoods, communities, churches and the world to embolden them in participating in God’s mission and faithfully proclaiming and living out the good news of Jesus.


ReFrame Ministries

ReFrame Ministries formerly Back to God Ministries International. The name is
changing but the ministry, values, and core beliefs are not changing. The goal of the ministry remains to help people reframe their lives in the light of God’s Word through radio broadcasts, internet programming, and printed materials. The ministry focuses on one thing: proclaiming the Gospel at home and around the world. In ordinary times as well as the uncertain times of COVID, what a blessing
to be able to reach people with the Gospel. The radio, internet, and printed materials are able to reach people where in-person contact is not available or welcomed both in our country and around the world.

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