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12.11.20 Highlights from 12.5-12.11

Congregational Meeting Part 2 - The budget passes and Pastor Len Troast will be our transitional pastor.

Care Groups Reassignments Tim McCastle has joined the Executive Team as Vice President and is also acting as the chair of the Transition Team. Because of this, the Elders have decided to reduce the number of households in his care group, as is common practice for Executive Team members. If you are being reassigned, you will be receiving a letter in the next few days. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Recycle Tithe

The current recipient of our Recycle/Resale receipt tithe back to our community is "Backpack Blessings." This Love in Action ministry provides weekend meals for Grand Haven Area Public School elementary students where there is a gap in available family food. Food needs were an issue in many families before COVID; now, even more so.

Update on all recycle tithes:

5 years

45 separate recipients, 5 repeats

grants are $300

recipients are Tri-Cities helping agencies. Some issued to support First Church ministries.

Questions/comments: Ken Van Dyke, for the Recycle Team

Address Change: Please make note of the address change for Marc & Willie Langeland

11655 Arthur St, Nunica Mi 49448

Weekly Giving for 12/08/20 mailed checks and Venmo:

Weekly giving: $5,675 Weekly budget: $7,612 Percent met: 74.5%

YTD giving: $299,134.16 YTD budget: $372,988 Percent met: 80.1%

Our Worship Services will remain live-streamed and not in person for the remainder of 2020.

Thank You

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the beautiful Christmas cards.

Blessings to all of you. Jean Smith

Thank you to the congregation for the many Christmas cards. The cards gave me much enjoyment and I appreciate being remembered. Jim Peterson

Prayer Request

Yvonne Kramer has been release from the hospital with heart failure. She is doing well at home. Keep Joe in your prayers as well since he can't be with her.

Wendy Lonergan's sister-in-law has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer which metastasized on her skin.

Youth Drive Through for Christmas Gift Backs: The Youth Ministry Leaders are having fun putting together a Christmas gift bag for each of our kids, infant through high school. And we have organized a Parking Lot Drive Through Gift Bag Pick Up on Saturday, December 19th from 10:00-11:00 am! We have greatly missed being with our kids and are looking forward to connecting with them if only for a few moments on this day. We'll have a gift bag, hot chocolate and goodie to go PLUS rumor has it that Santa and Mrs. Claus will be handing out the candy canes!! So mark your calendars, come and wave hi to your teachers and leaders, pick up your gift bag & treats plus get your candy cane from the big guy himself! Any questions contact Joan Groenhout at 616-402-4238. Merry Christmas!

Recycle Update for November: Although things began to slow down toward the end of the month, the recycle team still made regular trips to Padnos during November and was able to hold a couple of on-site garage sales before deciding to put most activities on hold. For December there will be minimal maintenance work, but the team will be ready to swing back into action once the green light is given.

Recycle Totals November YTD

Metal Recycle $ $1,591.14 $20,120.46

Metal Pounds 17,999 233,814

Jeremy Helping Hands $ $106.00 $1,940

Jeremy HH Items 9 157

Online Garage Sale $1,227.72 $12,782.42

Returnables $161.30 $1,536.80

Birthdays: 12/13 Pat Sluis 12/14 Polly Baker 12/15 Wilma Plantenga

12/16 Matthew Dick, Kendall Weiden 12/18 Trudy Abraham, Phillip Crum

Mission of the Month

Wycliffe Bible Translators (Lorri Scholten) - December Mission of the Month

Please pray that Lorri, children, and Bible translators stay safe. At this point, there have been no COVID cases within the families and school. There are some families still waiting to come back to Oaxaca but at this time are unable. They trust in God’s timing.

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