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4.17.20 Prayer Requests, Birthdays, Prayer Focus

Tom Osterman was put in the hospital Tuesday at Butterworth with beginnings of renal failure due to severe dehydration. They have identified some infections going on. Today they will be taking out his pacemaker as the bacteria in his blood clings to foreign objects like that and so it needs to be removed to prevent relapses. The procedure has some risks with it. They are also treating some other infections as well. He is extremely weak and scared. Tom is asking for prayers. He has a long road to go.

Please pray for Kristi Hall's Father-in-law Dino, who is in the hospital with a high fever and dehydration. He has tested positive for CDiff and they are waiting on the results of the COVID-19 test. He is also dealing with cancer.

From Alice Mohr: Jack and I would like to ask prayers for family friends of ours, the Ruff family. Jen and Jon are the parents of 2 young children ages 5 and 7. Jen was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer about 2 years ago. Since then Jen has had a double mastectomy, a preventative hysterectomy and round after round of chemo and radiation. Unfortunately the cancer has spread to her spine and her liver. They have been told that the tumors in her liver are continuing to grow and there may not be any thing more that can be done. Jen and Jon are seeking a second opinion, but regardless they have some tough decisions to be made for their family. Please pray for a miracle for Jen and peace from God as they continue this journey. Both Jon and Jen are committed Christians. Please pray!

Happy Birthday to Eric VanHouten (4/24)

Prayer Focus - Hebrews 9:26-28

Thank you Jesus that you came at the end of the age to remove the power of sin forever by your sacrificial death, and you are coming again not to deal with our sins but to bring salvation for everyone who is eagerly waiting for you.

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