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5.26.20 Weekly Giving, Prayer Requests

Here are the numbers from 5/20/20 to 5/26/20: Weekly giving: $1709.24 Weekly budget: $7612 Percent met: 22.4%

YTD giving: $142,047.40 YTD budget: $159,852 Percent met: 88.9%

Note that $1437.24 was mailed in checks and $272 was from Venmo.

Prayer Requests

Jennie Wiebenga has been transferred to Skill Care on the East Beltline in Grand Rapids. In the past week or so she has fallen several times, breaking her pelvis and her hip. In addition she has tested positive for Covid 19. Because of her age and because of Covid, doctors will not do surgery. Jennie is also quite confused, partly because of being legally blind and because of her fading hearing. She will be in GR for about a month.

Her daughter, Jane Pavlin (former member) is also in need of prayer because in addition to her mom's troubles, her husband Ron has had dementia for several years (Lewy body dementia dementia) She is carrying a lot right now. If you wish to send a card, send one to her, since Jennie would not understand a card anyways. The prayer of the family is that the Lord would take Jennie home. (Jane and Ron Pavlin, 12632 Lakeshore Dr. Grand Haven MI 49417)

Henrietta VerHoeven is moving back home, with care being arranged, because Christian Haven is moving "healthy" folks out due to the Coronavirus. (that is, people who can easily be moved). The good thing here is that Henrietta is mentally capable and she does *not* have Covid. Ironically Henrietta has been wanting to live at home anyway. Her daughter, Marilyn Beukema (husband John) is a good contact person if anyone wants to reach out.

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