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6.2.20 Weekly Giving, Prayer Update & Request

Weekly Giving

Here are the giving numbers from 5/27/20 through 6/2/20:

Weekly giving: $6,565 Weekly budget: $7,612 Percent met: 86.2%

YTD giving: $148,612.40 YTD budget: $167,464 Percent met: 88.7%

Weekly giving was $1370 from Venmo and $5195 from mailed checks.

$730 was collected for Mosaic Counseling.

Updates on Henrietta Verhoven and Jennie Wiebenga from Marian DeGram:

Henrietta never went home. She seems to be doing well. She never knew she was sick. She's amazing. She developed a fever last Tuesday morning (May 27th) so she was unable to go home. They never told her she was going home so she wasn't disappointed.

Jennie is doing much better. Her mind is clear, knows her family and able to talk on the phone. She doesn't seem to have much pain. They get her up in a wheelchair. She will be there [East Beltline] for another week or so till they are sure she has recovered from the virus, then the family will try to find another place closer to home. Must not be her time to go to her heavenly home.

Anj Van Stedum is asking for prayers of protection for her at Christian Haven. There is a serious COVID 19 problem and they are moving healthy residents to other facilities. They were planning to move Anj to Muskegon and after much thought she decided to stay at Christian Haven. Anj appreciates and is grateful for her church.

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