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6.24.20 Giving, Basement Update, Pastor Cory Vacation, Cap Campaign/Recycle Updates

GIVING TO FIRST CHURCH: Thank you so much for your continued support of our ministries here at First Church in this unique season. Year to date giving is currently at 85.1% of budget. General fund gifts YTD are $162,037 on a budgeted $190,300. While we have been diligently seeking to reduce costs wherever possible, many of our budgeted expenses are fixed. Please continue to remember to send in your tithes by mail or by other electronic means (bank bill pay, Venmo, etc). 

BASEMENT FLOODING UPDATE: The basement flooding has caused an unexpected financial expense for 2020. Our insurance policy has a $10,000 flood damage limit, and the total cost for ServPro restoration and carpet replacement for church and the parsonage exceeds $50,000. If you would like to contribute towards this $40,000 need, please send in checks or venmo funds with "Basement Project" in the memo line. We expect work to be done in late July or early August, so this fundraiser will run from now until July 31st. Please remember this should only be given in addition to your general fund gifts as we need to meet our operational obligations as well. Thank you for considering giving to this cause. Any questions can be addressed to Jodi Deur, Chair of Finance.

PASTOR CORY'S VACATION starts on this Friday, June 26th and goes until July 14th. If you have a care need please contact your elder or calling elder Art Tuls. You can also contact the church office with any other needs or questions.

ONLINE GARAGE SALES this week: $228.00 Total for Campaign: $20,868.06

Items sold: red wagon, vintage record players, propane heater & tank, refrigerator, door pulls, 2 wheel dolly

METAL & ELECTRONICS: 9,306 lbs. recycled = $698.43. Samples of recycled items: laptops, computers, stereo equipment, cell phones, loads of electrical cords

JEREMY'S HELPING HANDS: 6 broken appliances = $105. Recycle value about $20.

DIRECT YOUR DOLLARS FUNDRAISER: $75,634.00 total. $150,000.00 total = $1,000.00 check. We're over halfway there! Put your D&W/Family Fare receipts in the TOMRA/DYD box at the Hospitality Table or in the receipt mailbox just outside the Colfax garage door.

PAPER GATORS: Church receives a penny a pound for the recycled paper. That may not sound like much but 3 full bins every 3 weeks = $84.00. Carry that out for 1 year and we have over $1,400.00 to do good things in our community!

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