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6.9.20 Weekly Giving, Capital Campaign, Recycle Update

Weekly Giving

Here are the giving numbers from 6/3/20 - 6/9/20:

Weekly giving: $3909.24 Weekly budget: $7612 Percent met: 51.3%

YTD giving: $152,521.64 YTD budget: $175,076 Percent met: 87.1%

Capital Campaign Update

Returnables: This week:  $0     Total for Campaign:   $1,932.35

Online Garage Sales: This week:  $601.00 Total for Campaign:  $20,530.06

Stained Glass Windows: This week:  $150.00  Total for Campaign:   $1,700.00

Fundraising Monies:1st Quarter 2020: $5,942 Total for Campaign:  $39,995.67        Fundraising monies = 50% of metal & Paper Gator

                                                          Total of these monies for Campaign:  $64,158.08

SAMPLE OF ITEMS SOLD:  22 bikes, exercise equipment, vintage bed frame, vintage table, vintage plant stand, tools

STAINED GLASS ORNAMENTS:  There are 3 stained glass ornament samples in the office along with prices and an order sheet. The bird-style ornament is $10.00. The 4-piece cross is $15.00. The 9-piece cross is $22.00. $5.00 of each ornament purchased goes towards our Renovation Fund obligations. You may order whatever quantity you like of each style. Cheryl, our ornament-maker, will make the ornaments as the orders come in. Allow about 3-4 weeks once you place your order. Any questions? Contact Joan Groenhout at or 616-402-4238.

STAINED GLASS WINDOWS:  We have someone who is interested in purchasing the balance of our stained glass windows! So if you are interested in a window, please let me know. Windows are $150 each with proceeds going to the Renovation Fund. Contact Joan Groenhout at 616-402-4238 or

Recycle Update

METAL & ELECTRONICS: 3,645 lbs. recycled = $383.20. Samples of recycled items: motorcycle parts, lead weights, loads of siding, brass fittings, patio furniture.

The Colfax garage is open now that the stay-at-home order is lifted. Remember, no TVs/computer monitors or vehicle tires.

TOMRA FUNDRAISER: TOMRA has been discontinued effective immediately and no longer exists. Their website says they are coming up with a new recycling program. We will let you know when and if we are able to participate in whatever their new program is!

DIRECT YOUR DOLLARS FUNDRAISER: $75,634.00 total. $150,000.00 total = $1,000.00 check. We're over halfway there! Put your D&W/Family Fare receipts in the TOMRA/DYD box at the Hospitality Table or in the receipt mailbox just outside the Colfax garage door.

PAPER GATORS ARE OPEN:  Church receives a penny a pound for the recycled paper. That may not sound like much but 3 full bins every 3 weeks = $84.00. Carry that out for 1 year and we have over $1,400.00 to do good things in our community!

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