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7.28.20 Prayer Request, Recycle Tithe, Weekly Giving

Prayer Request Please pray for our daughter Alisa who will be having ankle replacement surgery on Monday, August 3rd in Grand Rapids. Pray for a successful surgery, pain allevement, and successful rehabilitation. We anticipate just a one night stay in the hospital and then Alisa will be staying with us for her recovery of 10-12 weeks before she returns to her home in Virginia. Jack & Alice Mohr Recycle Tithe

This month's recycle tithe is going to Beautiful Soul Ministries (BSM) of Grand Haven headed up by Director Laurie McFee. BSM's mission is to strengthen and encourage any person by providing counsel and a listening ear. Laurie along with volunteers minister mostly to women whose "rug of life has been pulled from underneath the "souls" of their feet." Besides listening to their story and praying with them, she offers paper products, toiletries, feminine products, clothes, food, etc. Laurie has a deep passion for souls who need to be "renewed, refreshed, and restored with the love of Christ." Ken VanDyke's visit ended by praying together for God's work in our community. Her agency was suggested by a long-time friend of the Recycle Ministry. Weekly Giving Here are the numbers from 7/26/20 and Venmo and Mailed checks: Weekly giving: $11,614.00 Weekly budget: $7,612.00 Percent met: 152.5% YTD giving: $196,809.32 YTD budget: $228,360.00 Percent met: 86.1% In addition, $1000 was given toward the basement flood expenses, and $1085 was given toward the July Mission of the Month World Renew. BASEMENT PROJECT APPEAL: Thank you to those that have given toward the ServPro bill and new carpet. We are still collecting for covering this unexpected expense. This fundraiser will run through the end of the month. Below is the original notice: The basement flooding has caused an unexpected financial expense for 2020. Our insurance policy has a $10,000 flood damage limit, and the total cost for ServPro restoration and carpet replacement for church and the parsonage exceeds $50,000. If you would like to contribute towards this $40,000 need, please send in checks or Venmo funds with "Basement Project" in the memo line. We expect work to be done in late July or early August, so this fundraiser will run from now until July 31st. Please remember this should only be given in addition to your general fund gifts as we need to meet our operational obligations as well. Thank you for considering giving to this cause. Any questions can be addressed to Jodi Deur, Chair of Finance.


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