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8.27.20 Prayer Request/Update, Mission Team Thanks, Giving, B-days & More

Prayer Update/Requests

Esther Spoelma is still in rehab in Allendale. She has decided it would be best to seek residence at a retirement home. Consequently, she will not be going back to her home here in Grand Haven. 

Bob Beeren's father, Ken, passed away Wednesday, August 19th. Bob and family have heard from many of you with your thoughts and prayers and they are so grateful. First Church will always be in their hearts and minds, despite moving out of the area.

Praise that recovery is going well for Alisa Mohr. After the two week checkup, Alisa moved from a splint to a boot. Stretching and PT can start soon, but still no weight bearing. The next checkup is September 16th and then we hope some weight bearing can begin. Thank you to everyone for the prayers and support. Please continue to pray for further healing. Jack & Alice Mohr

Carol Wyngarden is doing well. Not very much nausea. She still has lower abdominal and back pain but is controlling it with Tylenol every 8 hours. The surgeon said she may have pain for up to 3 months as she heals. She has this week (August 17-21) off chemo. Her schedule is once a week for 2 weeks then a week off. That is one round. She will have 4-6 rounds - so it could last until mid-December. She still has lymphedema and is visiting the lymphedema clinic 3 times a week. They are massaging her whole left leg and wrapping it. After the first week, her swelling was down quite a bit, however, the condition is chronic and after her leg goes down as much as possible she will have some kind of maintenance treatment. That will probably be some sort of full-length compression stocking.

Jan Meyers fell on Tuesday, August 25th, and broke her hip. Currently, her sodium levels are too low to do surgery. Once stable, she will have surgery.

The details on Dan Groenhout: We have Dan's blood test results back and had a visit with his doctor Monday. The 9-weeks of radiation this spring cut his PSA number in half. This is good news but we were hoping for the number to be 0. This means Dan still has cancer and will get blood work every 3 months and see the doctor every 6 for the foreseeable future. His PSA could go up, it could go down, it could spike, it could stay the same...there's no way to know. It could stay where it's at for the rest of his life. We just don't know. So we will do watchful waiting once again. Given the aggressive nature of the cancer please pray death to all remaining cancer cells and for his next PSA blood test results to go down and stay down. And continue to give thanks to God that Dan's overall health is so good! We are so grateful for your support and prayers.

Dan & Joan Groenhout

Thank you for your generous giving for the causes First Church supports to bring the good news of Christ to our neighborhood and our world:

Lee and Carolyn Baas WITS $1245

Love in Action $935

1st Church Appliance Ministry $840

1st CRC Youth Mission Trips $780

Mosaic Counseling (Tri-Cities Ministries) $730

Bibles for Grand Haven $735

World Renew $1085

We pray for God’s blessing on these funds to be used for his kingdom. The Mission Team

The Weekly Giving numbers for 8/23/20 with Venmo and mailed-in checks:

Weekly giving: $4,670 Weekly budget: $7612 Percent met: 61.3%

YTD giving: $222,086.95 YTD budget: $258,808 Percent met: 86.5%

In addition to this, $25 was given toward the basement flood expense.

The Executive Team has decided that we will not be having the Ignite Middle School Retreat.


8/30 - Violet Navis 8/31 - Dawn Casemier

9/1 - Makaela Crum & Jamie Poel 9/5 - Andrew Brink & Erma Patterson

Love in Action Food Donations

The Mission Team will again be collecting food donations for Love In Action. From now until the end of September the designated items are juice boxes and granola bars, however, any other food donations will be accepted. 

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