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9/25/20 - Prayer Requests, Giving, Birthdays, MOM

Prayer Requests:

Barb Neuman, Sue Hamstra (Rich) 's sister, died this past week after a short

battle with cancer. Barb was a well-known advocate for inclusive education; writing and speaking across the country for many years. Please keep Sue and Rich in your prayers as they grieve this loss.

Dan's dad Andy passed during the night. He was peaceful and breathing one minute and the next minute the breathing stopped. He is now experiencing the glory with Jesus that he believed would come. Cora's grief is heart-wrenching.

Due to COVID rules, we were supposed to leave after Hospice assisted the funeral home escorting Andy's body out of Robbinswood. Robbinswood granted an exception and said 1 family member could stay with Cora until 5 pm. Then she goes back under lockdown and quarantine. Isolation is its own kind of deadly virus. We appreciate your support and prayers and ask that you especially pray for Cora to feel the presence of Jesus so she knows she isn't alone. Blessings, Dan & Joan Groenhout

Dear Church Family -

If you’ve seen Marty in the past 10 weeks you’ve seen him in a walking boot. Monday morning he turned the boot in for corrective arch surgery. He is home & resting well. He will be off of work & be non-weight bearing for about 10 weeks. We would appreciate your prayers for healing, patience & pain control. Thank You! Beth & Marty DeWyn

Weekly Giving from 9/20/20, Venmo and mailed checks:

Weekly giving: $9,741

Weekly budget: $7,612

Percent met: 128%

YTD giving: $245,396.19

YTD budget: $289,256

Percent met: 84.8%

Birthdays: 9/29 - Henry Wezeman 10/4 - Meredith Tysman

Mission of the Month for September: Reframe Ministries/Back to God Ministries has a family of programs.

  • Today devotional that we have available here at First. 

  • Groundwork is a half-hour radio show and podcast building biblical foundations for life.

  • Kids Corner has fun stories that show kids their part in God’s Big Picture also for radio and podcast.

  • Think Christian is a digital magazine that considers how pop culture reflects God’s story.

  • Family Fire is an online community that explores family issues through various means.

  • Church Juice helps churches communicate better with their congregations and communities.

The Mission Team appreciates your support of the Mission of the Month.

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