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9.9.20 Prayer Requests, Thank You

Prayer Requests

Prayers for Janie Pavlin (Jenny Wiebenga's daughter) whose husband Ron passed to glory September 1st.  You can read his obituary by clicking here.

Please be in prayer for Sam Kochman who is in the ICU at Butterworth. Sam had been doing really well in recent months. He was due for another shot for his schizophrenia medication (every 3 weeks). Near the end of the 3 weeks Sam often struggles a little more. He had also been trying to quit smoking and as a way to help with that, he was drinking more water. It helped to put something up to his mouth. Unfortunately, Sam was not able to monitor his intake and he drank an estimated 3 or 4 gallons of water in a short period of time. This caused extremely low sodium levels and seizures. There is possible long-term brain damage. It is unclear at this point what permanent damage has been done. They are monitoring him closely, but may not know for some time. This is especially hard for the family as he had been making such great progress.

Thank you to the congregation for your generosity. $13,000 was given in designated gifts to help offset the cost of carpet and water removal following the basement flooding in the church and parsonage this summer. The balance after these gifts was covered with funds from the Capital Projects/Facilities

designated fund.  The Finance Team

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Prayer Requests
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