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5.29.20 Friday Notices

Prayer Update

From Greg Schippers: First, a BIG THANK YOU to my "extended family" for praying for us after my recent job loss. I am excited to report as of June 1, I will again be gainfully employed!God is good, and so is his family

Birthdays 5/29 - Mark Feyen 6/2 - Hank Crum, Dianne Klop, Jim Redder, Ron Thompson 6/4 - Jodi Deur, Carly Poel 6/6 - Mike Poel

Prayer Focus - 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 May the God of peace make us holy in every way and may our spirit, soul and body be kept blameless until that day when our Lord Jesus Christ comes again. God, you who call us, is faithful and You will do it. 2020-2021 Council Officers

Executive Team President- Caryn Tuls Navis Vice President- David Baker Clerk- Renee Hoffer Chair of Elders- Jodi Deur Chair of Deacons- Dave Maki Treasurer- Russ DeGram

Secretary of Elders- Marty DeWyn Secretary of Deacons- Greg Schippers

Recycle Update DURING THE STAY-AT-HOME SHUTDOWN: Even though we've had the garage locked for the past 11 weeks with a sign saying please don't drop off, if you've driven by church you know not everyone saw (or acknowledged) the sign! With permission, the Metal Team spent the last 2 days getting everything back in order. We recycled just over 10,000 lbs. and can only imagine what is coming once the stay-at-home order is over! METAL & ELECTRONICS: 10,092 lbs. recycled = $681.60. Samples of recycled items: motorcycle parts, lead weights, loads of siding, brass fittings, patio furniture. Please continue to hold your donations until the stay-at-home order is over. No TVs/computer monitors or car tires. TOMRA FUNDRAISER: TOMRA has been discontinued effective immediately and no longer exists. Their website says they are coming up with a new recycling program. We will let you know when and if we are able to participate in whatever their new program is! So...we will wait and see. Rather disappointing but hopefully they will have a program that's easier to work with! DIRECT YOUR DOLLARS FUNDRAISER: $75,634.00 total. $150,000.00 total = $1,000.00 check. We're over halfway there! Put your D&W/Family Fare receipts in the TOMRA/DYD box at the Hospitality Table or in the receipt mailbox just outside the Colfax garage door. GET YOUR PAPER GATOR ITEMS READY NOW TO DROP OFF AFTER OUR STAY-AT-HOME TIME IS OVER! Church receives a penny a pound for the recycled paper. That may not sound like much but 3 full bins every 3 weeks = $84.00. Carry that out for 1 year and we have over $1,400.00 to do good things in our community!

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