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Drop off metal to be recycled at the labeled recycling garage at

1118 Colfax Ave., Grand Haven, MI 49417.

Call 616-842-6370 to schedule a free pick up of your unwanted metal or electronics.


We  take anything metal, even if it is only partially metal. This includes Christmas tree lights! We also take electronics – no TVs or computer monitors.  Anything that plugs in or runs on a battery we can recycle environmentally.

First Grand Haven Christian Reformed Church embraced environmental projects two decades ago when it joined forces with Love in Action, a non-profit agency that works with area churches to coordinate programs to meet the basic needs of families – to provide used, donated appliances to those who need them.

The success of the Appliance Ministry coupled with a commitment to Creation Care and Environmental Stewardship led to organized recycle programs for pop cans and water bottles, a ministry that is coordinated by the middle school youth group, and a very successful toner and ink cartridge recycle program. Both of these are generously supported by the congregation and successfully lend support facility needs and community efforts.



Metal Recycling began in March of 2008 as this small congregation was faced with a distressing need for the major repair or replacement of a very inefficient boiler system. With no church funds for the impending cost of nearly $20,000, it embraced and began its most visible and aggressive environmental program, the Metal Recycle Ministry. Staffed wholly by volunteers, the Metal Recycle Ministry picks up all types of metal throughout the community and delivers that metal to a metal recycling facility twenty-five miles south for appropriate recycling. Items are collected, dismantled, and separated into different types of metal before delivery to the metal recycle facility.


Total Pounds Recycled Since Inception:
over 3,600,000 lbs!

A typical week of 30+ hours of volunteer time would find the crew of 12-14 individuals collecting brass fixtures, aluminum siding, exercise equipment, radiators, A/C units, refrigerators and other non-working appliances, dehumidifiers, motors, metal stakes, Christmas lights, saws, large metal doors, bird feeders, lamps, coffee pots, chairs, lots of pipes and tubes, antennas, buckets of hardware and tin cans, fans, copper pipes, and miscellaneous wire resulting in 6,000 - 8,000 lbs. of scrap metal being recycled weekly versus placed in a landfill.  The congregation is committed and continues to offer free weekly

pick-ups of metal.


Electronics Recycling began in 2010, as we were faced with ongoing requests from members of the community, the Recycle Team developed a strategy to recycle electronics such as stereos, computer equipment, and more.



Anything with a cord, battery, or motor.


Anything metal.


All Michigan returnable pop/beer cans and bottles

(we’ll return them)!

This includes all types of metal – steel, copper, brass, aluminum,

and stainless.

These all include items that are broken, unusable, rusty, or unrecognizable.


First GH CRC is committed to caring for families in the community.

For more information on the Recycle Ministry,

contact First GH CRC at 616-842-6370.



A cooperative program of First Grand Haven CRC

and Love in Action

First Grand Haven Christian Reformed Church has coordinated the Appliance Ministry for over twenty years. The Appliance Ministry receives donations of working gently used appliances – washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves – and delivers them to families who are in need of and cannot afford to purchase these basic necessities.

Families who need appliances meet with a Love in Action counselor to determine need. During this case management meeting often other needs are determined leading to families taking advantage of Love in Action’s other free services provided by its partner churches.  Love in Action also takes requests from those who would like to donate a working appliance.

First Grand Haven CRC is committed to caring for families

in the community.

For more information on the Appliance Ministry,

contact First Grand Haven CRC at 616-842-6370 or 

Love in Action at 616-846-2701.

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