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We exist to worship God humbly, intimately, and passionately. We lead others into worship by living a life of dedicated faith, uncompromising character, and a commitment to learning and growing together. We pray that worship would change our hearts, our lives, and our culture, that we would experience the fullness of life in the Kingdom of God.


Biblically-rooted worship.

Every word we sing and speak aligns with the truth of God’s Word. Our worship is a response to the truth of who God is and what He’s done for us. His goodness, faithfulness, love and sacrifice are the reasons we worship. We respond with a worship marked by gratitude, awe and joy.


Worship led by the Holy Spirit.

Our experience of worship is a result of the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit testifies to the life and work of Christ, equips our leaders, unifies our church body, deepens our faith, convicts our conscious. Our worship falls flat without the work and presence of the Spirit. We seek the Holy Spirit and depend on Him for acceptable worship. 


Expressive worship.

As worship leaders, we seek to create an atmosphere where people are encouraged and inspired to engage in worship. We want our worship to create an atmosphere where we can honestly acknowledge before God and others both our sorrow and joy, struggle and victory, need and gratitude, hurt and healing. We encourage a physical expression in our services as an external expression of our internal worship. 


Inclusive worship.

We are intentional about honoring every person who walks through our doors – every life, every age, every background, every story and every past. We are intentional about including the gifts of all God’s people in worship. Our choice of song and liturgy are marked by humbly celebrating one another in unity. 


Purpose-driven worship.

The purpose of our worship is to respond in gratitude to glorify and praise our Lord and Savior. And worship, with this purpose at the forefront of our intention, brings personal fulfilment in the life of the believer. Oppositely, we know that when our focus is our personal fulfilment, we will not find it – our only source of joy is God Himself. Therefore, we are careful to prioritize purpose over preference.


Excellent worship.

We want all aspects of our worship to honor God in every way. And as far as it depends on us, we want to minimize any distraction from worship. As an act of worship, we commit to improving and developing our skills and gifts so that our excellence glorifies God.

A life-style marked by worship.

We recognize that the act of worship is much more than what we do and sing on Sundays. We believe that worship is the continuous practice of the believer – we worship in our work, our words, our actions, our relationships, our spending/tithing. Our Sunday gatherings are a corporate expression of our individual practice.



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